Jack and Ruby's Guitar Shop offers quality acoustic guitars for sale at great prices. Some of our guitars are limited editions. We do the research and look for unique, high quality guitars in tip top shape at good prices and then offer them to you at reasonable prices. 


The guitar in the photo to the left is a Ray Whitley Recording King guitar made by Gibson Guitar in 1940 for the Montgomery Ward department store chain. Only several hundred of these guitars were made and very few are left today. It originally sold for about $25.00 and today is valued at more than $9,000.00. A testament to the fact that vintage guitars can be a good investment. The Ray Whitley and our love of bluegrass and country music started our journey into collecting guitars. 


We hope you enjoy looking at our guitars and if you find one you just have to have, contact us through the contact link.


(The Ray Whitley has been in our family for over 50 years and is not for sale.)


Click on the button and "play" the Ray Whitley

(the quality of the sound varies and depends on many factors including the speakers on your computer)

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