At the Columbus, Ohio Guitar Show, June 2012

The person seen playing the guitars on the U-Tube videos on this website is our son, Jeff. Thanks Jeff!

We're sorry to say that our black lab, Jack, (pictured at the top of each page with Ruby), died a few years ago. Jack had a good long life, duck hunting, playing with the kids, swimming in the streams and napping. He was a great dog and is missed by us all. 


The white lab (left) is Hank, Ruby's son. He was born when Ruby was 2 years old and when they were young, they played like a couple of pups. 


Both Hank and Ruby were Therapy Dogs for about 6 years, giving their love and cheering patients in nursing homes and hospitals, and to children in schools, and calming college students around exam time.  They have retired and most days are spent napping, eating, walking in the yard and looking forward to their next meal.

Hank bringing calm and love to college students around exam time.

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